How can I check meals for the next days?

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If you are curious about what we prepare for you in your plan, check the Meal Plan tab to display the menu

When you go to your Meal Plan, you’ll see your list of dishes for today: 


Swipe to the left, or press the arrow in the top right corner to go to the next day of the plan: 

IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_22_34.jpg IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_22_58.jpg 

You can also use the calendar to overview all meals for the upcoming few days. Press the calendar icon, choose the period (today, 3 days, a week a two, or another custom number of days), and then press Apply

IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_23_50.jpg IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_24_30.jpg 

You will see the plan for the week sorted by Breakfasts, Snacks (if you have them in your plan), Lunches, and Dinners. Press the grey arrow to view the list of meals for each day of the week: 

IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_27_11.jpg IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_27_40.jpg

From there, you can swap any dish if you want: 

IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_32_44.jpg  IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_33_07.jpg 

You can also log meals by pressing "+": 

IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_34_42.jpg IMAGE_2023-05-23_11_35_11.jpg

Use the Shopping list to learn what ingredients will be needed to buy for the following days. 

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