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If you have already bought the subscription and want to cancel it for some reason, please notice that the cancellation button will not appear on the website immediately after the purchase. Data synchronisation takes +- 24 hours. So if you make a subscription and want to cancel it immediately - please wait for the cancel button to appear first.

You can find the button for cancelling in the Unimeal mobile app.

To do this in the application, follow this path:

Me tab → Settings (the gear icon in the top right corner)→ Help → Subscription → Manage Subscription → Cancel my Plan:

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If there is little time past after the purchase, you will see the message "Your subscription information is updated every few hours" on the My subscription page. Just wait a little longer, and the button will appear. 

The button may also be absent if you have already cancelled the subscription. In that case, a cancellation confirmation email has to be sent, and you can search for this email in the mail and spam. Then you can be sure of the cancellation.

Note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscription. Subscription fees will apply automatically regardless of whether or not you use your subscription.

If you have difficulties with the self-cancellation of your subscription, please submit the request via our Support centre (support@unimeal.com)

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