How to stop the reminders

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If you no longer wish to receive notifications about your meal-planned and workout time, you can easily turn off the reminders in the settings of your phone: 

  • open the Settings app on your phone;
  • choose Notifications;
  • find the Unimeal app and disable the toggle next to it.

After disabling notifications, you will no longer receive reminders about your workouts and meal-planned time on your phone. 

Note that if you wish to re-enable the notifications, you can follow the same steps and turn on the toggle for the Unimeal app.

You can also turn off notifications directly in the app - either for all meal times and workouts at once or separately for one of them. 

Go to the Me tab, press the gear icon, and choose Notifications


Choose Workouts or Meals, and switch the toggles if you want to turn off the reminders: 


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