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  • I want to start fasting

    Fasting can have many potential health benefits, such as weight loss, improved blood sugar control, and increased energy levels. One common way to start fasting is by pra...

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  • Our meal plan program - Mediterranean Diet

    We do not offer a diet but a rational meal plan, which should not be considered a temporary measure but a way of life. Our meal plan is based on the classic Mediterranea...

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  • How to get ready for a meal plan

    Preparing for a meal plan involves several important steps to set yourself up for success. Here's how you can get ready:  Share your goals with your loved ones. Informin...

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  • Do you deliver meals?

    Unimeal is a personalized meal plan that fits your specific dietary needs and preferences. We believe that healthy eating should be convenient and accessible for everyone...

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  • Do I need to restrict calories if I want to lose weight?

    Losing weight with a significant calorie restriction leads to deficiencies in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which can result in further health problems. Such a defic...

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  • Can I change food restrictions?

    If your food restrictions have changed or your nutrition preferences are different from what you originally entered, you can always reach out to our Support team for assi...

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  • Will I lose weight?

    We understand that losing weight can be challenging, and we have taken the guesswork out of the process by creating personalized meal plans that are designed to help you ...

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  • When will I reach my goal?

    It's natural to be curious about when you will see results when starting a plan. Typically, most users report seeing the first visible changes in their body within the fi...

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  • I am not losing weight with the plan

    Please contact our Support team and specify your start weight, target weight, height, and fitness level. We will need to check this information to ensure your plan was...

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  • I was losing weight, but now it remains the same

    If more than three weeks have passed since you started following the meal, don't worry, it's just time for a weight plateau. This is normal because the human body is a co...

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  • I was losing weight, but now I gained it back. What should I do?

    We would like to inform you that there are no reasons to worry about such changes while you are following our meal plan. Weight loss is a non-linear process, and weight c...

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  • Can I gain weight with Unimeal?

    To gain weight, it is enough to maintain a calorie surplus and follow a diet high in protein and complex carbohydrates. We use proven, working formulas for calculating ca...

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