How to reach goals and collect badges

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Having some rewards for achieving goals is always pleasant. The Unimeal app is ready to support you on your way to achieving more. 

When you start using the app, you can choose your starting and target weights.  

So, the target weight is your primary goal. This goal is divided into several smaller goals (-1 kg as 1 goal). 

Once your weight is decreased, go to the Me tab in the app, press Log weight, then apply your current result: 


The message on your screen will inform you about your result. You can also share it via messengers if you want: 

: EN_How_to_reach_goals_and_collect_badges_3.jpg 

After logging a new result, you will receive a new badge. Your badges – your motivation to achieve more.

You can see all badges in your personal cabinet (the Goals section): 

IMAGE  EN_How_to_reach_goals_and_collect_badges_5.jpg   

If you are an Android user, you can collect additional badges for using the application and register meals. These badges are placed in the Awards section: 

Screenshot Screenshot at Sep 26 11-01-07.png

If you accidentally logged in the new weight incorrectly, you need to go to Progress and delete this entry. The badges will also be removed after this action: 


Log your personal goals, collect badges, and be proud of yourself.

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