Learn the Unimeal app and its features

Changing the settings

  • How to add the Unimeal widget to your phone

    Widgets enable you to access up-to-date information from your preferred apps easily and quickly.  The Unimeal widget shows all your meals for today. Your personalized me...

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  • How do I change my language?

    We currently support 14 languages in our app: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Korean, Thai, Simplified Chi...

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  • How do I change the start date?

    Need to change the start date of your plan? Go to the Me tab and click the gear icon:      Press Meal Plan, then Start Day. Kindly note that the start date cannot be set...

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  • How do I change meal time?

    To set the meal time, go to the Me tab and choose settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner:  Choose Meal Plan, then Meals timing:      Then set your d...

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  • How can I change meals?

    If you want to replace one or more dishes in your Meal plan, you can use the Swap function. Maybe you want to swap a dish with one of your Favorites, or you have seen one...

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  • How can I edit the recipe?

    Using the app's recipe editor feature, you can easily customize your recipes to your liking and add your personal touch.  Go to the Meal Plan tab and tap the recipe you w...

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  • Exploring the Diary

    If there is a plan, there should be a diary. This tab is designed to help you easily track your progress every day:    Here you’ll find: Your calorie tracker and macronu...

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  • Calorie Tracker

    There is a popular term “CICO” in weight loss, which means “calories in, calories out”. While it is not a specific diet, it is a generally accepted concept that creating ...

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  • Weight tracker

    You can find this tab in your Diary. It shows your current weight and your current goal:     Every day you should log your current weight to track progress. Press “+” to ...

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  • Intermittent Fasting

    If you want to try сonsuming foods during a specific time window and avoiding food or fasting for the remaining hours each day, use our feature Intermittent Fasting. Go ...

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  • Meal tracker

    In the section Today's meal in the Diary, your eaten meals will appear if you press Log meal near them in your Meal plan.    Choose one of the tracked meals. Here you ca...

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  • Activity

    The Activity tab in your Diary has your daily workouts and a list of all workouts in the app.  Choose Workout for today, and you will see your program of training. Tap S...

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  • Articles & Courses

    Understanding how it all works is the most important ingredient in successful weight loss. This way, even without any special tools, you'll be able to pick healthier sna...

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Meal Plan

  • Exploring the Meal Plan

    In the Meal Plan tab, you can find all the meals that are planned for you. The meal plans are split by meal (Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Dinner) and scheduled at your prefer...

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  • Meal Card

    Choosing one of the dishes in your Meal plan, you can see a detailed Meal Card that has information about the dish:    Scroll down and click Start cooking to open the coo...

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  • The Builder feature (for Android users)

    If you want to change the number of meals, ingredients, devices for cooking, restrictions, or adjust the start date of your Meal plan and rebuild it with other dishes and...

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  • How do I use the Favorites?

    This feature gives you the possibility to collect all your favourite dishes in one place. It's in the section Meal Plan.    Meals are divided here into different categori...

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  • How do I use the Shopping list?

    Once you are satisfied with your meal plan for the week, go to the Shopping list.  You can find the Shopping list in the Meal Plan section:    Your Shopping list includes...

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  • My recipes section

    This section is located in the Meal Plan tab and contains all your modified and edited recipes, organised by meal times, such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.   ...

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"Me" tab

  • Exploring the “Me” tab

    So let's talk about you. Your experience using the app is unique, such as your way of personal improvement. There is a place in the app where you can see all the informa...

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  • Challenges

    Unimeal is about changing old habits and implementing new healthy ones into your life. As a part of this process, you can take up different challenges and feel accomplish...

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  • Tracking progress

    Let's say you follow your weekly plan: track your calorie intake, and do the workouts. Where can you see how it is all going?  Go to the Me tab. The Progress section sho...

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  • Current BMI

    In the Me section, you can also find your up-to-date BMI number.  Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and ...

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  • How to reach goals and collect badges

    Having some rewards for achieving goals is always pleasant. The Unimeal app is ready to support you on your way to achieving more.  When you start using the app, you can ...

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  • How do I log my new weight?

    Go to the Me tab. Here you'll have your current goal and an option to track your today's weight.   Press Log weight, then apply your current result and press the tick in ...

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