How can I change meals?

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If you want to replace one or more dishes in your Meal plan, you can use the Swap function.

Maybe you want to swap a dish with one of your Favorites, or you have seen one in our collection that you'd like to try cooking today. Or maybe you don't have any of the ingredients for planned meals in your fridge. 

None of this is a problem - you can replace any dish in the plan. 

1. Tap Meal Plan in the app. 

Decide what meal you want to replace, and press Swap. This button is available in the list of dishes and in the Meal card:


2. Choose a new dish from the search, recommendations, or favorites: 


3. Tap Select


4. Tap the days when you want to eat this dish. It can be only today, or you can choose a few days or even the whole week or two at once. Press Apply:  


5. The meal will appear in the Meal plan

You can also overview your meals for a couple of days or a week and swap any meal from there. Press the calendar icon, choose the period (for example, tap the first day and the last day of the upcoming week, and it will be highlighted green), and then press Apply


You will see the plan for the week sorted by Breakfasts, Snacks (if you have them in your plan), Lunches, and Dinners. Press the grey arrow to view the list of meals for each day: 


From there, you can swap any dish: 


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