How do you count calories?


In the Unimeal app, everything has been calculated for you, so you do not need to count calories, ingredients, etc. 

However, if you add a custom meal, portion size control is still necessary.

Always use two basic principles to avoid overeating: the Palm Rule and the Plate Rule.

The Palm Rule 

The Palm Rule allows you to determine the ideal portion size using your palm: 

  • A portion of vegetables or fruits should be 2 of your handfuls.
  • A bit of cooked garnish (porridge, pasta, potatoes) — a clenched fist.
  • A piece of meat or fish should be a palm without fingers.
  • A bit of butter or vegetable oil should be the phalanx of the thumb.
  • A bit of chocolate should be on the index finger.
  • A portion of nuts should be one small handful.
  • A serving of cheese should be two fingers folded together.

The Palm Rule is not enough to balance a diet. You need to know your portion of products and be able to combine them correctly. 

It also works for snacks. Focus on the specified portions of nuts, chocolate, cheese, and fruits, but do not consume more than three such portions daily. 

Therefore, apply the Palm Rule in conjunction with the Plate Rule. 

The Plate Rule

Apply the Plate Rule to every main meal. Divide the plate mentally into four parts: 

  • Half of the plate should contain vegetables;
  • One quarter should be complex carbohydrates (side dish);
  • One quarter should be a protein source (meat, fish, eggs, tofu).

You get a meal like this when combining both rules: a fist-sized portion of a side dish, a palm-sized portion of a protein source, and two handfuls of vegetable salad.

Please note: you can add a portion of oil to a side dish or salad and when cooking meat or fish (according to the Palm Rule).

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