Do I need to restrict calories if I want to lose weight?


Losing weight with a significant calorie restriction leads to deficiencies in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which can result in further health problems. Such a deficit is psychologically impossible to sustain for long, and eventually, there will be a breakdown in eating habits - this is the case with all restrictive diets. 

Unimeal is not a diet that you need to follow for a short period of time for quick but unstable results. Our diet is a way of life, so the calorie deficit should be gradual.

In the long run, this gradual weight loss method provides a stable result for many years. However, if one loses weight suddenly and quickly with strict limitations, the weight will still come back (possibly even more than what it was initially).

Restricting calories excessively does not boost metabolism; in fact, it slows it down. Although such diets may produce rapid weight loss in the initial weeks, the body's metabolism will eventually decelerate, causing the body to enter "survival mode". This halts further weight loss, resulting in a frustrating plateau effect that makes shedding additional weight extra challenging.

Also, limiting calories can lead to adverse effects on various systems and organs such as hormones, the stomach, thyroid gland, bile, skin, nails, and hair, among others. Problems in specific areas vary from person to person as reactions are individual, and each individual has their "weak points." Hence, it is difficult to predict the exact system or organ that may be affected.

When severely restricting calories, energy levels and productivity will inevitably decrease, mood swings will occur, and women may experience irregularities in their menstrual cycles.

As we have already noted, Unimeal is not a typical diet plan that you follow for a short period of time. Instead, it is a sustainable way of life that should ideally be adopted permanently. The results of following our plan can vary from person to person, depending on their initial health status and other factors, and may take some time to show, but they will definitely be. You will see these results in your physical appearance, weight, well-being, and overall health indicators.

We do not offer a solution for those looking for super-fast and temporary results. However, for those seeking a healthier lifestyle and a sustainable long-term solution, Unimeal can be the answer. If you not only follow our meal plan but use the app in a comprehensive manner, as well as follow the proper drinking and sleeping habits and do exercise, the results will be quick and noticeable.

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    How can I use this app 

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