I was losing weight, but now I gained it back. What should I do?

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We would like to inform you that there are no reasons to worry about such changes while you are following our meal plan.

Weight loss is a non-linear process, and weight can change situationally, depending on various factors. 

If you have added exercise to your diet regimen, you may notice that your weight remains unchanged. However, this could be due to replacing body fat with muscle mass. Since muscle weighs more than fat, the number on the scale may be higher. Instead of relying solely on weight as a measure of progress, it is advisable to focus on body measurements. We recommend taking measurements of your key areas using a tape measure at the beginning of the program and comparing the results throughout the program.

Please remember your menstrual cycle (whether the days are approaching or, perhaps, now is the ovulation period). During such periods, the female body tends to firmly retain water/fluid in the tissues, which can lead to an increase in volume and weight. 

Just follow the plan, log the changes in your weight, and you will surely achieve the desired results.

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