I am not losing weight with the plan


Please contact our Support team and specify your start weight, target weight, height, and fitness level. We will need to check this information to ensure your plan was created correctly.

In your inquiry, also describe your general health and daily routine (for example, sleep disturbance, lack of energy, mood swings, strong cravings for certain foods, uncontrollable appetite, hair loss, dry skin, etc.).

Also, please specify if you have done any basic health/blood tests in the last six months. (e.g., a complete blood count or biochemical blood test, urine/stool analysis, hormone tests). You can send it to us. This information will help us better understand your situation and give you the most effective advice. 

Please keep in mind that if you have added exercise to your diet regimen, you may notice that your weight remains unchanged. However, this could be due to the replacement of body fat with muscle mass. Since muscle weighs more than fat, the number on the scale may be higher. Instead of relying solely on weight as a measure of progress, it is advisable to focus on body measurements. We recommend taking measurements of your key areas using a tape measure at the beginning of the program and comparing the results throughout the program.

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  • Comment author
    Maryam Talebi Tavandashti

    I am not losing my weight more , I thought this plan couldn’t help me to lose weight more . 
    Could you change my plan 

  • Comment author

    Hello Maryam,

    As I see, our specialists are already in touch with you. They will help you to better understand the reasons why you are not losing weight and give you the necessary advice. Please look forward to further emails. 

    Have a great day!


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