I was losing weight, but now it remains the same

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If more than three weeks have passed since you started following the meal, don't worry, it's just time for a weight plateau. This is normal because the human body is a complex and very smart mechanism with excellent adaptability.

While staying in a calorie deficit for more than three weeks, the body's metabolic processes are being rebuilt, and it tries to switch to "energy saving mode."

But this is only a temporary thing, which can be solved in several ways: 

  • Just keep eating according to the plan.
    After a few more days, you will continue losing weight.

  • You can have a "cheat day".
    Allow yourself on this day one or two servings of dessert, french fries, or other food you crave.

  • Change the number of meals in the plan.
    If you have three meals a day, go to 4 or 5 meals daily to increase your metabolism).

  • Don't forget to drink enough water!
    Try drinking two glasses more than usual.

  • It is important to recover after training and get enough sleep.
    Also, if you started strength training, then you might begin to gain muscle. In this case, the fat goes away, but the muscles grow, and therefore the numbers on the scales do not change.
    You can start monitoring body measurements and focus on their reduction and not on losing weight. 

  • Please remember to update your weight in the application so the calories in the plan are recalculated. 

This is not a weight plateau if you stop losing weight before or during menstruation. In this case, it's just the standard fluid retention and swelling associated with the cycle phase. You just need to wait and follow the plan. 

Also, your weight may remain the same if you have started exercising in addition to your diet. In this case, it is possible that your body fat has been replaced by muscle. Since muscles are heavier than fat, they can contribute to a higher number on the scale. In such cases, it's best to focus on body measurements rather than weight, so we recommend taking measurements of your key areas with a tape measure from the start and comparing the results throughout the program.

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