How does Unimeal work?

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The Unimeal app will help you structure your nutrition plan and schedule and reach the goals you are interested in, whether gaining or losing weight, eating better, or developing healthy habits.

And the most convenient thing - you only need your smartphone to implement a new healthy way of life into your everyday routine. 

The app works by first asking you a series of questions about your dietary preferences and lifestyle habits. Based on your responses, we generate a customized meal plan and workout routine tailored to your needs. 

To start, you need to take a quiz, register, install the app, and log into your account. Your plan will be waiting for you inside. 

Follow your Meal Plan, track dishes, log your weight progress, track calories, and achieve goals. The app also offers you the possibility to try out different features - intermittent fasting, articles, courses, workouts, challenges, and monitoring water intake. 

Give yourself some time to get to know all the functions of the Unimeal app.

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