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Deciding on purchasing a subscription, you might want to know about the pros of it.

With our app, you will get a personalized plan that changes your usual way of nutrition. It includes a tasty meal menu with simple step-by-step recipes, information about its ingredients, preparation time, and a detailed shopping list for days ahead. 

It is very convenient to have the opportunity to open your plan on your smartphone wherever you are. 

Choose your goals, share your achievements with friends, get your personal interactive reports, and explore more tips about a healthy style of life. If you need personal advice from us or other useful hints on staying motivated, our 24/7 Customer Support team is ready to answer all your questions! 

Our Articles & Courses give you additional information and the possibility to learn from certified specialists in nutrition. This knowledge will also help you to build another approach to eating. 

So moreover, having a stable plan for something, it’s always a good idea. You won’t need to think about your personal menu every day. We will think for you and give you the best possible options to implement healthy habits into your life. 

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