How can I change the number of servings in my recipe?

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In the Unimeal app, each recipe is created to serve one person. All the portions are measured and counted for an individual single serving.

However, if you need to change the serving number to see how many ingredients you need for more servings, you can easily do it through the Meal card.

Select the dish in your Meal plan, and then click on it: 


You will see the number of servings set to one. To change it, click on the plus (+) sign, and the app will automatically adjust the recipe's ingredients based on the selected serving size. 


Please note that this is only a temporary change. Your meal plan and tracked meals will remain unaffected. But in your Shopping list, you will see the number of products for those number of servings that you select in the Meal card. 

The recipe’s calories and macros (fat, protein, carbs) in the Meal card will not change after adjusting the serving number and still be according to one serving. 

With this simple feature, whether you're cooking for one or several people, the Unimeal app makes it easy to see the needed amount of ingredients for your favourite recipes. 

Also note that when you add the alternative dish from the search (more details in this article), you can change the number of servings that you've eaten, and these changes and the corresponding number of calories will be shown in the Calorie tracker: 



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