I can't log in to my Unimeal account

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If you are having trouble logging in to Unimeal, first of all, ensure that you are using the correct email address. If you initially subscribed through Facebook or with your Apple ID, the account may be associated with an alternate email address. 

Apple users can hide their email addresses by using Apple's "hide-my-email." If you have selected this feature, to locate the email address associated with your Unimeal account, please do the following:

  • open the Settings app on your iPhone;
  • tap your name at the top of the screen (Apple ID);
  • then "tap Passwords & Security";
  • under "Sign in with Apple", select "Apps using Apple ID." 

Here you will find Unimeal and the email address we received to activate your account. If you want to change this, send us an email with your current email address and the new email address.

Error messages 

Sometimes, different "Error" messages can also appear on your screen.

If you see the "No Internet connection" message, this may indicate that you are not connected to the Internet. We recommend checking the following:

  • kindly ensure you have Mobile Data enabled for the Unimeal app within your device settings;
  • check if your current internet connection is stable;
  • try using another type of internet connection - switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi to check if the application works on one of the channels.  

If you see the "Response status code is not supported" please ensure your VPN or Proxy is off.

If the "Account cannot be found" or" Account was deactivated" message appears on your screen, kindly contact our Support team and provide the registered email address for further assistance.

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