I'm getting the error "Content not found"

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The error most often occurs when you have an unstable internet connection, as well as when using a VPN or proxy server. Please make sure the VPN or proxy server is disabled when using the app, and check the stability of your internet connection as well. 

If it doesn't help, try completing the below troubleshooting steps to see if this resolves the error you are experiencing:

  1. Check that your device is running the latest operating system available. If an update is available, please update your device.
  2. Re-install the app.

Please reach out to us straight away if you continue experiencing the issue after troubleshooting. Provide us with the following information:

  • your device’s model number, e.g. iPhone XR/Android Samsung 9;
  • operation System, e.g. iOS 16.6. 
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